Nov 28, 2007

Quilt A Long Week three

These are my first three blocks of the Quilt A Long. With only needing to complete one block per week, this is painless.Block three directions were great. I love all the pictures showing step by step instructions.It is so much easier for a newbie like me to see it than read it. My son made it to California safe and sound. They arrived on day four after leaving here. They pushed it hard. That was a 2,000 mile trip for the boys.


Kieny said...

Thanks for your comment Marcia. I tried to mail you back but your email is on "no reply". Your pinwheel looks great!

rainylakechick said...

That pinwheel looks SO GOOD! Such sharp points... Can't wait to try block three myself!

Amy Jo said...

Your pinwheel looks great! I haven't sewn mine yet, I hope it looks that good.